Visiomode: An open-source platform for building rodent touchscreen-based behavioral assays

Constantinos Eleftheriou, Thomas Clarke, V Poon, Marie Zechner & Ian Duguid
Journal of Neuroscience Methods (2023)

This paper describes the open-source platform Visiomode designed to facilitate development of rodent visually-directed behavioral tasks. Visiomode can be used to build both simple stimulus-response and more complex reaching-based visual discrimination tasks.

A cranial implant for stabilizing whole-cell patch-clamp recordings in behaving rodents

Joshua Dacre, Michelle Sanchez-Rivera, Julia Schiemann, Stephen Currie, Julian J. Ammer & Ian Duguid
Preprint (2023) 

In vivo patch-clamp recording techniques provide access to the sub- and suprathreshold membrane potential dynamics of individual neurons during behavior. However, maintaining recording stability throughout behavior remains a significant challenge. Here we describe a low cost, easily implementable solution for increasing intracellular recording stability in vivo.

Movement-specific signaling is differentially distributed across motor cortex layer 5 projection neuron classes

Stephen P Currie, Julian J Ammer, Brian Premchand, Joshua Dacre, Yufei Wu, Constantinos Eleftheriou, Matt Colligan, Thomas Clarke, Leah Mitchell, A Aldo Faisal, Matthias H Hennig & Ian Duguid
Cell Reports (2022)

This study shows that motor cortex output largely reflects movement-invariant signaling, with movement-type information routed through small subpopulations of projection neurons. Action-type information is first decoded in intratelencephalic-type neurons during movement preparation then in pyramidal tract-type neurons during execution.

A cerebellar-thalamocortical pathway drives behavioral context-dependent movement initiation

Joshua Dacre, Matt Colligan, Thomas Clarke, Julian J Ammer, Julia Schiemann, Victor Chamosa-Pino, Federico Claudi, J Alex Harston, Constantinos Eleftheriou, Janelle MP Pakan, Cheng-Chiu Huang, Adam W Hantman, Nathalie L Rochefort, Ian Duguid
Neuron (2021) 

Several theories suggest that the cerebellum is involved in movement initiation. In this study we provide evidence to suggest that activity along the dentate/interpositus cerebellar thalamocortical pathway triggers voluntary forelimb movement in a behavioral context-dependent manner.

Extraction of Synaptic Input Properties in Vivo

Paolo Puggioni, Marta Jelitai, Ian Duguid & Mark C.W. van Rossum
Neural Computation (2017)

Knowledge of synaptic input is crucial for understanding synaptic integration and neural function. In vivo, synaptic input rates are extremely high, so that it is typically impossible to detect single events. In this study we describe a method to infer synaptic input properties from high-resolution voltage-clamp recordings in vivo.

Dendritic excitation–inhibition balance shapes cerebellar output during motor behaviour

Marta Jelitai, Paolo Puggioni, Taro Ishikawa, Arianna Rinaldi, & Ian Duguid
Nature Communications (2015)

Feedforward excitatory and inhibitory circuits regulate cerebellar output. By combining dendritic/somatic patch-clamp recordings & optogenetics we show that finely balanced Purkinje cell dendritic excitation/inhibition shapes cerebellar output during self-paced locomotion.

Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Behavioral State-Dependent Bidirectional Modulation of Motor Cortex Output

Julia Schiemann, Paolo Puggioni, Joshua Dacre, Miha Pelko, Aleksander Domanski, Mark C.W. van Rossum & Ian Duguid
Cell Reports (2015)

Neuronal activity in motor cortex (M1) correlates with behavioral state, but the cellular mechanisms underpinning behavioral state-dependent modulation of M1 output remains unknown. In this study we describe a mechanism for how noradrenergic neuromodulation and network-driven input changes bidirectionally modulate motor cortex output during self-paced, voluntary movement.

Multiscale model of primary motor cortex circuits predicts in vivo cell type-specific, behavioral state-dependent dynamics

Salvador Dura-Bernal, Samuel A Neymotin, Benjamin A Suter, Joshua Dacre, Julia Schiemann, Ian Duguid, Gordon MG Shepherd & William W Lytton
Preprint (2022)

Inferior Olive HCN1 Channels Coordinate Synaptic Integration and Complex Spike Timing

Derek L.F. Garden, Marlies Oostland, Marta Jelitai, Arianna Rinaldi, Ian Duguid & Matthew F. Nolan
Cell Reports (2018)

Distinct Developmental Origins Manifest in the Specialized Encoding of Movement by Adult Neurons of the External Globus Pallidus

Paul D. Dodson, Joseph T. Larvin, James M. Duffell, Farid N. Garas, Natalie M. Doig, Nicoletta Kessaris, Ian C. Duguid, Rafal Bogacz, Simon J.B. Butt & Peter J. Magill
Neuron (2015)

Imaging learned fear circuitry in awake mice using fMRI

Anjanette P. Harris, Ross J. Lennen, Ian Marshall, Maurits A. Jansen, Cyril R. Pernet, Nichola M. Brydges, Ian C. Duguid & Megan C. Holmes
European Journal of Neuroscience (2015)

Channelling actions in motor cortex: how Ih gates cortical control of movement

Julian J. Ammer & Ian Duguid
The Journal of Physiology (2017)

Ion Channels: History, Diversity, and Impact

Stephan Brenowitz, Ian Duguid & Paul J. Kammermeier
Cold Spring Harbor Protocols (2017)

Interneuron- and GABAA receptor-specific inhibitory synaptic plasticity in cerebellar Purkinje cells

Qionger He, Ian Duguid, Beverley Clark, Patrizia Panzanelli, Bijal Patel, Philip Thomas, Jean-Marc Fritschy & Trevor G. Smart
Nature Communications (2015)

Control of cerebellar granule cell output by sensory-evoked Golgi cell inhibition

Ian Duguid, Tiago Branco, Paul Chadderton, Charlotte Arlt, Kate Powell & Michael Häusser
PNAS (2015)

Synaptic representation of locomotion in single cerebellar granule cells

Kate Powell, Alexandre Mathy, Ian Duguid & Michael Häusser
eLife (2015)

Presynaptic NMDA receptors: Are they dendritic receptors in disguise?

Ian C. Duguid
Brain Research Bulletin (2013)

Tonic Inhibition Enhances Fidelity of Sensory Information Transmission in the Cerebellar Cortex

Ian Duguid, Tiago Branco, Michael London, Paul Chadderton & Michael Häusser
Journal of Neuroscience (2012)

Encoding of Oscillations by Axonal Bursts in Inferior Olive Neurons

Alexandre Mathy, Sara S.N. Ho, Jenny T. Davie, Ian C. Duguid, Beverley A. Clark & Michael Häusser
Neuron (2009)

High-fidelity transmission of sensory information by single cerebellar mossy fibre boutons

Ede A. Rancz, Taro Ishikawa, Ian Duguid, Paul Chadderton, Severine Mahon & Michael Häusser
Nature (2007)

Somatodendritic Release of Glutamate Regulates Synaptic Inhibition in Cerebellar Purkinje Cells via Autocrine mGluR1 Activation

Ian C. Duguid, Yuriy Pankratov, Guy W. J. Moss, and Trevor G. Smart
Journal of Neuroscience (2007)

Evidence that GABA ρ subunits contribute to functional ionotropic GABA receptors in mouse cerebellar Purkinje cells

Victoria L. Harvey, Ian C. Duguid, Cornelius Krasel & Gary J. Stephens
Journal of Physiology (2006)

Mutations in the gene encoding GlyT2 (SLC6A5) define a presynaptic component of human startle disease

Mark I Rees, Kirsten Harvey, Brian R Pearce, Seo-Kyung Chung, Ian C Duguid, Philip Thomas, Sarah Beatty, Gail E Graham, Linlea Armstrong, Rita Shiang, Kim J Abbott, Sameer M Zuberi, John B P Stephenson, Michael J Owen, Marina A J Tijssen, Arn M J M van den Maagdenberg, Trevor G Smart, Stephane Supplisson & Robert J Harvey
Nature Genetics (2006)

Novel presynaptic mechanisms for coincidence detection in synaptic plasticity

Ian Duguid & Per Jesper Sjöström
Current Opinion in Neurobiology (2006)

Retrograde activation of presynaptic NMDA receptors enhances GABA release at cerebellar interneuron–Purkinje cell synapses

Ian C Duguid & Trevor G Smart
Nature Neuroscience (2004)

Isoform Heterogeneity of the Human Gephyrin Gene (GPHN), Binding Domains to the Glycine Receptor, and Mutation Analysis in Hyperekplexia

Mark I. Rees, Kirsten Harvey, Hamish Ward, Julia H. White, Luc Evans, Ian C. Duguid, Cynthia C.-H. Hsu, Sharon L. Coleman, Jan Miller, Kristin Baer, Henry J. Waldvogel, Francis Gibbon, Trevor G. Smart, Michael J. Owen, Robert J. Harvey & Russell G. Snell
The Journal of Biological Chemistry (2003)

An N-terminal histidine regulates Zn2+ inhibition on the murine GABAA receptor beta-3 subunit

Emma L. Dunne, Alastair M. Hosie, Julian R.A. Wooltorton, Ian C. Duguid, Kirsten Harvey, Stephen J. Moss, Robert J. Harvey & Trevor G. Smart
British Journal of Pharmacology (2002)